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Friday, June 17, 2005


Hello, everyone!
Welcome to the "official" weblog of the Urban Adventure League of Portland, Oregon!
I'm Shawn Granton, the dude writing this!

What's the Urban Adventure League, you may ask? Here's some fancy words about it:
The Urban Adventure League aims to reconnect you to your "childlike sense of wonder". We host various events that will explore our urban environment using our feet, bicycles, public transit, and possibly other alternative forms of transport. All Urban Adventure League sponsored events and projects will emphasize fun, de-emphasize competition, and foster connectivity and awareness. There's plenty of interesting things to be done in an urban environment, and we want to encourage and foster creative ways to enhance our living experience to its fullest.
Boredom will not be allowed.

So what have we done so far?
To this date, the Urban Adventure League has hosted:
  • Alameda Ridge Cruise--a bike ride following the Alameda Ridge in NE Portland, from NE 20th and Alberta to NE 72nd and Fremont. The ride explored the unique history and geography of the area.
  • Shuffleupagus Ride--a bike ride combining the classic drawing "parlour game" with a bicycle ride between various parks in SE.
  • Eastside Theater Tour Ride--a bike ride exploring the historical theaters of SE and NE. Stops include the Clinton St, Bagdad, Laurelhurst, Hollywood, Roseway, and more!
  • South PDX Expedition--an urban walk through Old South Portland, a neighborhood which has been greatly changed by Urban Renewal and highway construction.
  • Council Crest Climb--an urban walk from Goose Hollow to Council Crest, highest point in the city, using neighborhood streets and various secret shortcuts.
  • R U Couv Curious--a bicycle ride from North Portland to Vancouver, Washington, using the Interstate Bridge. The ride shows how to get to "the other side" by bike, and gives a brief tour of our sister city.
  • Pizza Ride--we rode bikes and ate pizza!

We are CONSTANTLY working on more urban walks and bicycle rides that will explore more areas of the city, plus other fun, community-building projects.

This blog will be for:
-Posting announcements for upcoming Urban Adventures
-Posting of Adventure reports
-Posting of reports of "independent adventures", personal adventures that I take. Other people can post their adventures as well!
-Interesting factoids about Portland's history and geography
-Information regarding alternative transport--bicycles, transit, walking, etc.
-Sharing of information
-and other fun!

So thanks for coming! Come back often to learn about what's coming up!

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