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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ride Wrapups

Pedal Potluck Picnic

Okay, so I've been slacking on posting reports on the previous PEDAL POTLUCK PICNICs. I apologize. It doesn't look like I'll have time to ride something extensive, and I can't think of more than "We met up. We rode. We stopped at a grocery store. We rode some more. We ended up at the Mystery Destination for a great potluck dinner that was enjoyed by all. We talked. And then we rode home." It doesn't really capture what it was like to be there, so maybe you should come along to the next one and find out what it's all about, huh?

Ride 2
Tues 19 July
start point: the Hawthorne Hostel
ride passed through these neighborhoods: Sunnyside, Richmond, Creston-Kenilworth, Reed, Eastmoreland, Sellwood
grocery store stop: New Seasons-Sellwood
end point: Johnson Creek Park, a lovely, yet forgotten park found in Sellwood (almost in Milwaukie), where the Johnson and Crystal Springs Creeks meet. It's rare to find one creek in Portland, so it's exceptionally rare to find yourself with two!
Riders: 5
And we rode back under moonlight using the OMSI-Springwater Trail.
Special Thanks: Ed for taking some pictures, Ali for bringing the gee-tar.

Ride 3
Tues 26 July
start point: um, the Hostel?
ride passed through these neighborhoods: Sunnyside, Kerns, Sullivans Gulch, Irvington, King
grocery store stop: Natures on Fremont
end point: Two Plum Park, a new-ish, small, hidden, and unknown spot in inner Northeast off of NE 7th and Shaver, built by neighborhood volunteers from vacant lots. Viva neighborhood empowerment.
Riders: 13 (biggest ever!)
Many of us cruised back to SE.
Special Thanks: Timo for managing to catch up to us, Elicia and Ken for making spring rolls that as one rider referred to, as "da bomb", the neighborhood guy at the park who provided info on the parks history

Ride 4
Tues 2 August
start point: you guessed it, the Hostel.
ride passed through these neighborhoods: Sunnyside, Richmond, South Tabor, Montavilla
grocery store stop: the Hawthorne Fed Meyer
end point: Berrydale Park, a nice spot with an adjoining greenspace at (yeeps!) SE 92nd and Taylor. Yes, the PPP had it's first crossing of the 82nd meridian!
Riders: 6
Some returned via the "around the south side of Tabor route", whilst Brian and I took the north.
Special Thanks: Ira for his home-made potato salad, Brian for finding us

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