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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Yet another sign of me getting old is the amount of milestones in my life that have been popping up. Besides my 30th b-day last August, next Sunday will mark my six year anniversary of living car-free.

And giving up the car wasn't so much a choice I made but a choice made for me. On the cold morning of Saturday, January 22nd, 2000, I was about to drive my car from Ansonia, Connecticut to Hamden (a town about 15 miles away) for a full day of pizza delivery (can you imagine me delivering pizza?). But unfortunately (or is it fortunately) for me, the piece of shit car wouldn't start. I rolled it down to the local auto mechanic and he was stumped. He didn't know what was making it not go. And there I stood in the freezing afternoon wondering what I was going to do. I needed a car for my job and I needed a car...or did I really need a car? Once I had that thought, a whole other world opened up and I said "Screw it." I quit the job, moved to the West Coast, and here I am now six years later--still car free.

Other milestones are a-coming. April marks my fifth year of living in Portland. Sometime in summer will mark 10 years in zine culture. And next summer will mark 10 years of drawing Ten Foot Rule. Yep, getting old...

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