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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You missed it.
Some of it provided by the Urban Adventure League.

It will all start with a very special BREAKFAST OFF THE BRIDGES on the morning of Friday, April 14th. We've shown the eastsiders so much bike love with Breakfast on the Bridges every last Friday of the month, now it's time to spend a li'l time spreading the love to some daring bike commuters from SW. From 7 to 9 am, we'll be stationed on SW Terwilliger Blvd at Sheridan (right at Duniway Park) giving out coffee and pastries to intrepid cyclists. Stop by to enjoy the fun! Or help out! If you would like to pitch in, please contact me via the comments section!

Later that evening is FILMED BY BIKE, the fourth annual presentation of this great bicycle-themed filmed fest. Over 40 shorts! There are two screenings:
7:00 is all ages and 9:00 pm is 21 and over. It's all happening at the Clinton St. Theater Both screenings have beer for sale and the same program. $5-10 sliding scale entry fee. Proceeds from Filmed by Bike will fund the Multnomah County Bike Fair, a one day carnival of bicycle mayhem and music.

Even later that evening, after the films are over, it's time for the Midnite Mystery Ride! The concept: meet up at a departure point and ride at midnight en masse. The endpoint? Nobody except the leader knows, and that's the mystery. But it's no mystery that I'm leading this one! So meet up between 11pm and midnight at either the Clinton St Pub or Brewpub (on either side of the Clinton St Theater) and at midnight--we ride!

Then the next day (Sat April 15th) other than being tax day is my Theater Tour Ride! See the separate entry for details!

And Sunday April 16th is a holiday called EASTER. (Where's my babka?) And Carye (with a "y") Bye is leading the third annual Bunny on A Bike Ride. Meet up at 2:30pm at Union Station in your best bunny ears and/or bunny attire and go on a leisurely ride alongside the Willamette.

Too much fun! And no time to sleep...

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