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Friday, May 26, 2006

Getting Ready For Summer...(The Schwinn Collegiate Post)

Maybe it's the week of drizzy weather that we've had (payback for those gorgeous three sunny weeks in May) that is making me even more excited about summer. And with all these awesome (and I mean AWWWW--SUUUMM) bike events slated to happen this summer, what better way to get ready than with...A NEW BIKE?

Well, "new" is a relative term, but I have a new bicycle that I am pretty darn excited about! It's a 60's (or early 70's) Schwinn Collegiate. A classic beauty, five speeds and all. I've been wanting a bike like this since my last Schwinn got stolen two years ago. Yeah, it ain't fancy, or lightweight, or (god forbid) a "fixie". But it's a true Summer Fun Bike. A bike built for summer adventures.

This green Schwinn made its grand debut to the world last night (Thurs 5/27) where it rolled up to NE Alberta for Last Thursday action. It even got to see a wedding between Turbo, er, Roadkill raccoon and reddest radish at the Clown House, and then got to be in the wedding procession! (thanx Jonathan Maus for the pic)

Oh, sure, I had hoped its debut would be two weeks ago for the Pretty Dress Ride, but things take time. At least it's ready for Memorial Day Weekend, which we all know is the beginning of Summer in the lower 48.

And what about Secretly Canadian, my "other bike", the Giant Rincon mtb (converted for street use) that has been my bike for the five years I've lived in Portland, which has carried me far and wide, to other countries and across the midwest? Well, Secretly Canadian will always have a special place in my heart for all it's done for me. But five years of use and abuse have taken its toll for a bike not really designed for so much wear, so it is being pulled out of active duty and becoming the backup bike. Sorry, SC.

I'd like to thank ex-roomate extraordinaire Chris Larson for giving me the bike as a gift, and North Portland Bike Works for doing the work on it.

Now let's ride!

UPDATE 11/15/12: I sold this bike in the summer of 2007.

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  1. hey, cool. I have a green collegiate just like that stored at my folks. Been kept inside, so everything works great. Cheers! Found your blog with a search for "potluck" bicycle. Have to do a work potluck and trying to think of easy thing to carry in my backpack. Recipes anyone?


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