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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Where am I at on this crazy tour?

Alsea Bridge, US 101 

Bicycle graffiti on the "Welcome to California" sign

Cape Meares Lighthouse

Coos Bay Bridge

Bridge near Cape Foulweather, on old US 101

Bridge at Heceta Head

Heceta Head Tunnel.  Note "Bikes in Tunnel" warning sign.

Oregon Dunes 
Seastacks at Bandon

Seal Rock
I be in Eureka, California right now, over 400 miles and 10 days away from Portland. I'm peeping all the old Victorian houses in this town. Trip has been good so far. One flat and one new wheel, that's all the bike troubles I've had (knock on wood).

The tour has been the most difficult yet most exciting and fun thing I've done in my life. There are plenty of hills on the Pacific Coast to go up and down, and riding 50-75 miles a day, every day (except for Thursday the 21st, my day off at the Redwood Hostel) does wear you down. My legs definitely feel it. But no pain, no gain. And I've had enough ocean vistas, seastacks, redwoods, and interesting folks along the way to make it worthwhile.

Looks like about another week until San Francisco. Should be there by Friday the 29th in order to participate in Critical Mass. This is the first time I've been on a computer in ten days (which has been nice) and I don't anticipate being on it much more before SF. So it'll be sporadic and short updates on the blog. I'll write more when I get to the Bay Area. Rest assured, I am okay and things are going good. Now I have a bike to ride; today I ride Avenue of the Giants through the redwoods!

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  1. Shawn....I see you heading my way. Keep on coming! We have another bike-in movie night and a Medieval Mystery Ride Planned for you.

    Dr. Wasabi....Santa Cruz.


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