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Monday, February 05, 2007

Almost too nice to Zoobomb?

If you've dealt with Portland winter, you may know that you can have mild, and you can have dry, but you don't get both together. Except for yesterday. What was it, almost 60 degrees for a high? Well, it was still in the fifties at nightfall, so after a day spent brunching, looking at cob houses, and seeing Borat, Carl and myself (H-Dave's "two favorite Shifties") got on the MAX and headed for the hill to Zoobomb. Did I mention the glorious full moon? On the way up, I mentioned that it was almost too nice, which meant we'd see some horrible crash.

On top of the hill, Tiago announced he was getting married! And the ceremony will happen on the Summer Solstice, the ride where he met his love! Expect an exciting ride this year!

After a great first run down Fairview (almost perfect except for a little wet road action), we did a run down Ye Olde Hellway (US 26, an urban freeway that is legal to ride on, at least where we were riding). Hellway is exhilarating yet deadly scary. Last time I did it I saw someone wipe out in front of me, and she had to leave in an ambulance. But no incidents tonight. Smooth and clear, and I managed to clock 38.5 miles an hour on the descent!

And then it was over and time to go home. Maybe I'll make it next week. And the week after will be bucketloads of fun with...MINI-BIKE WINTER!

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  1. hey, glad it is nice up there. it has been like 80 here. but alas, i have not gotten a bike yet. can you believe i am close enough to work i could... gulp, bike? imagine that. (a friend has a bike to loan me even! i just need to figure how to transport it here...)

    we are going to be back up on the weekend of the 16th. not sure of the dates exactly, but maybe can catch some bike winter action!


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