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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where the hell am I?

Detroit, Michigan to be exact. After over a month on the road I'm heading west again. The bicycle tour was a success--over 500 miles between New Haven, CT to Montreal! I spent time in Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Toronto, and now Detroit. I attended both Canzines (Canadian zine fests) in Halfiax and Toronto, which were both successful. And now I'll be on to Champaign, Illinois and Chicago (where I will attend another zine fest, Ephemera) and I'll return to Portland at the end of next week.

Why haven't I been posting? Well, because I haven't had the opportunity! Most of my internet time has been a 15 minute session here, a 15 minute session there, in between travelling from place to place. 7 of those 15 minutes tend to be deleting spam, the other 8 contacting the people I'll be staying with in the next town, what the weather will be, train times, etc. No time for blogging.

But I have been keeping a journal comic going. I'll post some of those in the future when I get close to a scanner. Now I must attend to buisness.

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  1. perhaps you may return to some exciting mail in your po box...

    can't wait for the daily journal of your trip. i just finished your first (and only?) issue of the 'temporary relocation project' and i loved it.

    you're the best granton!


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