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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well adventurers, it is summer and it's time for a trip to B.C. And this time it's even more special, since I will be bicycle touring with Vancouver's All-Girl Bicycle Dance Troupe, the B:C:Clettes as part of their six-day wheely fun expedition around Vancouver island.

And since I am crazy, I will be leading my (so far) annual Pedal Potluck Picnic in Vancouver! If you happen to be in town (or live there!) this special ride will be happening TUESDAY, July 22nd! We'll be leaving from "THE GAZEBO" BY SCIENCE WORLD (near the intersection of Quebec and Terminal), around 6:30pm. Bring a dish to share, if not, we'll stop by a store to pick up some vittles! Please also bring plate, cup, and utensils. We'll ride 3-5 miles, er, 5-8 kilometres to a mystery picnic destination! And just like in PDX,
THIS RIDE IS RAIN OR SHINE. If it's gonna be wet (which it shouldn't, cross fingers), we'll end up at a covered destination. Oh yeah, it ain't a loop. And bring lights because we don't know how late we'll be out!

And did you realize that July has 5 Tuesdays? That means...THREE PEDAL POTLUCK PICNICS IN PORTLAND! But unfortunately I will not be here since I'll STILL be in B.C. (Oh, woe is me!) But that's okay, LILYMONSTER will be leading this one! Don't know her? This is what she looks like, generally. (Note: hair shorter right now.)

And you can always spot her by her polka-dot helmet!

And fifth Tuesdays mean we leave from FOOD FRONT, 2375 NW THURMAN. It's the same deal as every other PPP we do (meet at 6:30pm.) And yep, the date is TUESDAY JULY 29TH.

Have fun!

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