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Saturday, October 04, 2008

photo by Lilymonster


It seems the same every year. After a full season of Pedal Potluck Picnics during the summer, I don't have much motivation to lead a bicycle ride or walk for October. Plus, now that the sun goes down earlier and earlier it's hard to do after work rides, so I have to shift back to weekend events. And the weekends of October are already busy, with the Oregon Manifest next week and Freak Bike Fall the weekend after that. So it's break time, as we all become acclimated to the new weathers.

But there will be stuff in the not-so distant future! For fall/winter events, here's what to expect:

December: EASTSIDE THEATER BICYCLE TOUR (which I think I'm going to start doing annually in December)

January: WINTER PALM TREE RIDE (the annual tradition! this'll be 5th one!)

Interspersed throughout should be a smattering of URBAN NATURE HIKES.
Stay tuned, as I'll post info when it's ready. A print calendar should also be coming out too!

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