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Monday, June 29, 2009

PedalPalooza 2009 wrap-up

Did you catch Pedalpalooza? YOU DIDN'T? Were you living under a rock or something for the last three weeks?

So now it is time to play catch-up. But I still don't have the time to write the detailed reports for the nine (nine!) events I undertook. So for the time being, please snack on these bite-sized reports!

BIKE TOURING WORKSHOP (Mon 6/15, 35 participants) The secret to keeping
people awake when you talk for three hours is to provide free coffee.

PEDAL POTLUCK PICNIC (Tues 6/16, 26 participants, destination Frazer Park, NE 52nd and Hassalo) Torn down juvenile
detention facilities can make great parks. And everyone loves bread and hummus.

MIDWEEK RIDE TO THE COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE (Wed 6/17, 46 participants) Getting
46 people to ride up a long hill to Crown Point is easier than you think.
Getting 46 people with bikes on MAX is a lot harder than you think, unless
it's Sunday night.

DEKUM TO WOODSTOCK (PORTLANDIA OBSCURIA II) (Thurs 6/18, 80 participants?)
Who would have thought sharing a tandem bike with Carl would be so much fun? Who
would have thought so many people would be interested in street names?

SOLSTICE RIDE (Sat 6/20, 100 participants at the start, 30 until the bitter
end) The secret to getting people to ride to the top of Council Crest is to
not tell them you're riding to the top of Council Crest.
NOTABLE KIRAN QUOTE FOR THE RIDE (1): "Shawn Granton is the Tom McCall of
Portland Bike Culture."
NOTABLE KIRAN QUOTE FOR THE RIDE (2): "This was never supposed to be a candy
'ride one mile and drink beer' kind of ride."

DEAD FREEWAYS RIDE (Sun 6/21, 30 participants) I'm hoping when engineers
designed pedestrian bridges across I-5 they never thought "This would be a
place to murder someone".

EPIC PIZZA RIDE (Mon 6/22, 100 participants at the start, 24 at the end. Seven pizzerias covered in about 7 hours, 23 miles of riding.) "Is Shawn leading us all the way to St. Johns via the St. Johns Bridge on this ride? OMG! He is! Is he really that cruel? WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO? I JUST WANT TO EAT PIZZA!"

TRAVEL STORIES: BICYCLE TOURING (Tues 6/23, 18 participants) "Well, this is just a talk. So we're safe, right? Shawn's not going to make us ride up to Council Crest again, right?"

BIKE-IN MOVIE NIGHT AT THE HAWTHORNE HOSTEL (Fri 6/26, 150 participants) "Seeing a documentary movie about someone who rode their bikes for 19 months from the bottom of South America to the top of the Canadian Arctic makes me want to complain less about Shawn's rides. For now, at least."

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