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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Trans-Oregon Tour: Monday May 31

Getting the bikes ready in Redmond

Crooked River Valley, Black Butte in the distance

Crook County Courthouse, Prineville 

Ochoco Lake
Today was a short day, only 30 miles. After a total of 130 miles over the previous two, with probably 6,000 feet of TOTAL elevation gain, Team Bike Tour felt it was time for a little break.

Today's ride was good. Mostly level, a little rain,and the scenery of the Crooked River Gorge. Today was also the last of the "sizable" towns we'll be seeing for awhile. Sisters (cute but touristy, population 1800) was passed through yesterday, and today was Redmond (has a Fred Meyer and a brewpub, population 20,000) and Prineville (depressed, population 9,000). Now it's a few hundred miles to Baker City, the next sizeable population center. Just tiny towns, high desert, and mountain passes in between.

And we are camped just before the next climb, Ochoco Pass,elevation 4'700 feet. Team Bike Tour (plus Ron, one of our Redmond hosts, who joined us for today) decided to camp at Ochoco Lake County Park ($5 hiker/biker sites, hot showers), rather than 20 miles up the road at the summit due to Kiran's leg pains and it would be cold at the top. And we got company! Besides us 4, there's a couple on a tandem, two touring dudes we ran into yesterday, and yet another dude fresh out of the Navy. All of them are attempting to ride across the country. We're just trying to ride across the state.

Ochoco Lake is beautiful, and we're camped under juniper trees. Tomorrow promises to be interesting, no matter what.

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