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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Astoria/Cape Disappointment Mini-Tour, Aug 22-25 2010

It's 7 pm on Wednesday, August 25 and April and I are on a Point bus departing Astoria, Oregon, on the way back to Portland. (They have wi-fi!) We just finished up a 3 1/2 day mini-tour.

Sunday night on me departing work, we MAXed to the end of the line in Hillsboro. Then ride 20 miles to Stub Stewart State Park, made food and set up camp in near dark, field mice scampering beneath.

Monday an epic day of riding. 75 miles riding along Routes 47 and 202 through Vernonia. A quiet and scenic back way, save for some clear cut action near the summit. The cresting of the Coast Range, elevation 1200 feet, not that bad. And the longest day April's ever ridden! We rolled into Astoria at dark, found a cheap and dingy hotel downtown, and walked to Fort George Brewey for much-needed beer and food.

After breakfast ar Blue Scorcher and a resupply at the co-op Tuesday morn, we ventured across the long (4 miles!), narrow, and sometimes high Astoria Bridge over the Columbia River, we were in Washington State. An 10 mile ride along a narrow and busy US 101 brought us to Cape Disappointment State Park for camping, hiking, interpretive center visiting, and beach walking. Oh yeah, we ran into other dudes bike touring!

This morn we took the bus back into Astoria. We met up with Debbie W. for lunch, then hiked up to the Astoria Column, and hiked down the Cathedral Trail. Oh yeah, we had more beer. And now we're on the bus, heading home.

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