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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get out on that bike!

Getting back in the house just a little while ago, I realized that I haven't ridden my bike that much since I got back from my New Year's trip. There have been a number of factors to my lack of bicycling: weather being non-conducive, sickness (caught a cold on Thursday), and a deadline art assignment for some "important" people Back East, which I just wrapped up a little while ago.

Regarding that art assignment, I had to go into work (on my day off!) to scan and Photoshop the art. I was going to hop on my bike, but just as I opened the door at about 5:30om, the much promised ice/snow/whatever "storm" that has been talked about for the past few days finally arrived. My winter bike setup had not been installed, so I opted for the bus instead. While the ride to Hawthorne was uneventful, the ride home was the opposite. The 15-Belmont bus was on snow route, but the driver (a fill-in from "the West Side") missed the turn, so we waited 15 minutes until he could get clearance from his supervisor to turn the bus around. Once we got moving again and rounded the hill on Glisan, the entire road surface was a sheet of ice! The bus lumbered around (the chains gave traction but not much else) and rather than stay on the bus any longer (I wasn't exactly confident of this bus driver), I opted to walk the last mile home, really thankful that I remembered to bring my ice grips that go on the bottom of my boots.

I don't mind taking the bus or MAX every once in awhile, but sitting in that bus, either waiting for the driver to figure out what to do or hoping he wasn't going to drive into a telephone pole, made me wish I was on the bike instead.
Thankfully I have an excuse to get out on two wheels: I need to route this Sunday's Palm Tree Ride. Nothing like figuring this stuff out at the last minute! Besides that, there is Friday's Midnight Mystery Ride, which Nickey Robo is leading. She says it's going to go to uncharted territory, so it shall be fun!

Let's all think about tropical environments, shall we?

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