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Monday, January 24, 2011

Who says nothing's made in America anymore?

When I go shopping for bike parts, I've resigned myself to the fact that everything I will buy is made far, far away. Even in the later years (70's-80's) of onshore bicycle manufacturing, most of the components and accessories were made overseas. So it was a surprise when I picked up a "rear triangle" styled kickstand for the Raleigh the other day:

Made in the USA!

Is it ironic that one of the few "Made in the USA" bike parts still available is the bike part that is disparaged the most?
Enlarged and altered so's you can see it better.

The kickstand will go on the short list of American made bike stuff I own or have owned. This list includes Wald Baskets, Worksman Bicycles,* and also surprisingly Princeton Tec, the makers of my beloved EOS bike light helmet light/headlamp.

Anyone have additons to this list? (I'll also go for some Canadian and UK made stuff as well.)

*I also owned a Chicago made Schwinn a few years ago.

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