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Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Quick Tweed Ride Recap

I'm not going to say that much here or provide many pics, as Jonathan over at Bike Portland does a much better job than I.

I will say that April and I had fun!  We were of course running late, and got to Union Station, the start of the ride at 11:30 am, just before departure.  There was about 70 dapper looking ladies and gents, and we rode through NW Portland to Macleay Park for lawn games and such.  I decided to make tea there, so I brought my camping stove and a GSI teakettle that I purchase mostly with the ride in mind.  Yes, I'm fancy.

And after that we rode down to Smith's tea in Industrial NW for more tea!

Now here's a photo of myself (from Bike Portland) with Scottish Harris Tweed and a bottle of Scotch:

More photos from Bike Portland here:

And there will be another Tweed Ride on Saturday April 2nd! (Which I may or may not be able to attend.)  More deets can be found at their website.


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