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Sunday, April 24, 2011

National Train Day Ride: Saturday May 7

Okay, so I'm technically not leading this one as I intended.  The work load and stress of preparing for The Big Trip has taken its toll, so rather than throw a half-assed event together, I now have Mr. Dan Haneckow, local historian and man behind the awesome Cafe Unknown blog leading this thing! can shoot me questions but they'll be directed to him.  I should be around for the beginning of the ride, though. 

National Train Day Ride
Saturday May 7
11 am
meet at Union Station

See how Portland history was shaped by rails! This ride traces the evolution of railroads in the Rose City.

Union Station, Albina, a trip through an old industrial district, remnants of the first Steel Bridge, and the first electric line in Portland, stories of Ben Holladay, horse car lines and the Red Electrics, a streetcar off a bridge, Brooklyn yard and vestiges of the nations first interurban line.  The tour ends, time allowing, with an optional cable car climb up Montgomery street. 

Official Train Day events start at Union Station at 10am.  Get there early to enjoy the exhibits, including the famed 4449 Steam Engine.

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