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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Big Sale until Friday, May 20

Hey kids!  Just wanted to let you know as part of my quest to get rid of stuff and get some cash before the Big Trip, I've got a big sale on Urban Adventure League merch!*  Zines, buttons, posters, and postcards!  Right now you can get a poster for only $10!  What a deal!  

Check out the Catalog page for the full details.  This sale ends Friday May 20, so get those orders in soon!

Also up for grabs besides my Centurion single speed are my old Mountainsmith 1 1/2 person tent and Lafuma 40 degree sleeping bag.  See the details on the Bike Stuff For Sale page.

I hate being a salesman, but any purchases (plus donations to my IndieGoGo campaign) will help out our Cross Continent Trip!

*how mersh!

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