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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Other People's Cross Country Tours

L to R: Matt Picio, Caroline Smith, Paul Zavitkovski, me, April, Laura Crawford. All photos in this post courtesy and copyright Russ Roca.
Hey kids, we're not the only ones around these parts planning a big cross-country bike tour, nosiree!
Meet some of our friends who are also departing soon for fun and adventure!

Russ and Laura of the Path Less Pedaled: You probably read about their previous exploits touring the country on their blog. Now they're going back on the road, but with a twist. They're going multi-modal! They got Brompton folding bicycles for the riding part. And they'll take Amtrak for other sections. They want to show everyone the benefits of being multi-modal, and draw attention to Amtrak and their bicycle policies. They depart Portland May 15 which!

Matt from Cycle Wild: He's going to use the classic Trans-America bicycle route across the county. You can follow his exploits on his blog, Northwest Wanderer. He departs Portland May 21.

Paul and Caroline: They're getting married on the Oregon Coast over the 4th of July, and then ride their custom built Millholand bicycles along the Northern Tier route as their honeymoon!

We all met up at the Green Dragon on Monday night for one last get-together before we leave town.

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