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Monday, June 13, 2011

My Tour Map!

Hello Friends!

If'n I was the even more prepared "Cross Continent Bike Tourer", I would have tried to figure out all these electronic whatchamajingies before I left. But noooooo. So yesterday I finally get around to making a new flickr account, and there is talk about setting up Twitter when we get cell reception again (thanks, Cricket!) But just this morning I found a new app type thing called Track My Tour, which is supposed to give your current location on a tour. Of course, this is when you have web access. It uses the built in GPS type things* to determine location, so it isn't sooper accurate. And this means if I want to add points from before I have to manually add them in (there's no "click on a map" function, so I have to enter it in by latitude/longitude.) But enough grumbling! Here it is!

And you'll see that it is on my "More of me on teh interwebs" section over to the right.

In other quick updates, we are leaving Twisp soon and tackling the tough Loup Loup Summit today. Hope to camp outside of Omak, WA.

And please please please, if you feel inclined, please contribute to our cause! Go over to our IndieGoGo campaign page. Funds will be used for on-the-road expenses. Using paypal to contribute means we'll see funds sooner.

*I'm such a techie, aren't I?

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  1. Sweet! I'll know when you're getting here so I can get the heck outta Dodge! ;)


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