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Friday, July 29, 2011


Hey kids! We made it to Edmonton! More about that sooooon.

Here's the quick stats: Three days of riding between Jasper and Edmonton. 230 total miles, broken up into three days (50/80/100). Yep, we pulled a century.

We've also passed the two month and 2,000 mile mark on the road. Woot!

We'll be in town the next several days, through Tuesday at least. COME SEE US! We should be at Critical Mass  tonight.

Annndd...I'm planning on doing a BIKE TOURING WORKSHOP on Tuesday. Details available when we figure it out.

Annnndddd...The "Guess The Bears" contest is over! Check out the correct number and the winner.


  1. You should reach out to Sarah Chan, ie Miss Sarah, of Girls & Bicycles if you haven't already. She clearly takes full advantage of her city and knows ALL the good eats.

  2. Catching up with reading your posts. The bear encounters - yikes! I just wrote about bears yesterday. Enjoy Edmonton!

  3. Edmonton can be kind of a fun town. I've been there a few times for work. It has kind of an "end of the trail" feel similar to Fairbanks, AK. Enjoy!!

    Safe travels as well!

  4. Lovelies, I had text messaged The Bike Fiend asking him to let me know if any rides were planned while you're here and have not heard from him - and I wasn't able to make it out for Critical Mass this month. I hope I haven't missed meeting you!!!

  5. Deb-I emailed you a couple days ago. Did you not receive it? We are in town until tomorrow morning. Get in touch. Email directly or text/call The Bike Fiend.


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