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Monday, August 22, 2011

Landing in Winnipeg

Hello readers!

Quick update: We are in Winnipeg! Just got in this afternoon. The ride from Saskatoon was long and hard. More about this plus my time in "The A" in upcoming posts.

And I apologize for not updating as frequently as I should. Wifi has been spotty on the Prairies outside of the big towns. And after a long day of riding, there's usually not enough time or energy left to write something.

Which brings me to comments: Since I haven't updated this site in a week, there have been a backlog of comments awaiting moderation. I originally enabled moderation due to spam issues. But looks like blogger has nipped a lot of it in the bud. So I'm opening it up: Comments on posts newer than 14 days old will not be moderated, for now. I still reserve the right to delete 'em if they are inappropriate. So comment away!

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  1. Congratulations on making it to Winnipeg. I'll get busy on laying out the welcome mat for you two in Minneapolis...


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