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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quick Notes: Leaving Winnipeg, Re-entering the States, Three Months Down, Upcoming Workshops in Minneapolis and Iowa City, and more

Upon entering Manitoba.
Hello friends!

It's a sunny Winnipeg afternoon and April and I are gearing up to ride south. We spent four full days in Winnipeg, a little longer than what we expected, but we appreciated the rest. Winnipeg was fun for us, and Cara and Gill were great hosts. I'll detail our experience in another post. (I still need to do my Saskatoon post as well!)

Today, August 27, marks three months on the road. I can hardly believe it! Our departure on May 27 feels like another lifetime ago. We've been in Canada (prairie provinces, not counting our earlier Vancouver foray) for about a month and a half, half the trip to date. We didn't expect to be "Up North" so long. We'll be in Canada for one last night, tonight, as we'll camp at St. Malo Provincial Park. Then we cross the border back into U.S. at Minnesota. We expect to be in Duluth next weekend (Labor Day weekend) and then Minneapolis after the holiday weekend.

And some exciting news: I will be hosting a Bike Touring Workshop in Minneapolis! Through the help of Mr. Snak Shak we're setting up a workshop at a cool bike shop in the city. Details have not been ironed out yet, but it should happen in about two weeks from now, around September 10th, when we are in town. I'll also be either doing a workshop or a presentation about the tour when we hit Iowa City about a week after that. This will happen through 30th Century Bicycle. I'll let everyone know details when they get ironed out.

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped April and myself over the course of the trip, whether it be in the preparation stages, giving us a place to stay, a ride when we needed it, or who has contributed to our IndieGoGo site. And we'd like to remind you that our IndieGoGo site is still going. To be frank, we've exhausted a lot of savings in the three months on the road. We've been frugal, but a trip like this sucks away a lot of cash. We still have about two months left to go, and we'd like to keep on going as far as possible. While ending the trip early wouldn't be the end of the world, there is still so much more we'd like to see and do. If you enjoy reading about our exploits and would like to help us out, please consider contributing by clicking on this link. Any amount, large or small, is appreciated. As Matt at Cast Iron Cyclist says, if you’re not willing or able to contribute – don’t feel guilty and don’t feel obligated. Or if there is another way you'd like to help, like a place to stay, please let us know. Contact me at

And good luck to everyone on the East Coast riding out Hurricane Irene over the weekend.


  1. Duluth is great, I just moved here recently. You should check out Twin Sports Cyclery here in town.

  2. We are looking forward to your visit. All systems are "go" an Midtown Freewheel. This is a great bike shop/cafe. They have agreed to host the workshop and will be providing food and beverages, too! They are stoked because we don't have much discussion of touring - that's a really under served faction here in the Twin Cities.

    Ride safe, enjoy the trip down to MPLS and know that we will be putting out the welcome mat for you!

  3. Hey Shawn,
    Sounds like you and April are having an amazing trip! I talked to the manager of the Miss Headwaters hostel and she said you had just recently stayed there! Hope it was nice. I totally forgot and had no idea you may be in the vicinity. I was just in Chicago for an HI Meeting and ran into Philip. Then visited my sister in Minneapolis from sept 16-21. Too bad I missed you there. I took out the guide to the city from Momentum magazine and had a very nice visit. Send us a postcard sometime when you can?
    Take Care,


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