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Thursday, August 11, 2011

We're in Saskatoon!

Quickie post!
We made it to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Tuesday night, August 9th, after riding an 85 mile day followed by a 92 mile day. Tim and Amanda have been wonderful hosts. Wednesday was spent recouperating. Today I read a lot of old minicomics. More writing to come!

And I'm trying to start a movement to get people to refer to Saskatoon as "The Sask."


  1. Cheers! Glad to have you!

    The problem with "The Sask" is everyone will think you're referring to Saskatchewan in general... or at least everyone from Regina will...

  2. Hope you enjoy my birthplace!

    You might have trouble getting people to call Saskatoon "the Sask" as the same nickname is often given to the province but try "Saskabush" or "Toon Town".

    Also remember that you can call hoodies "bunnyhugs" and laugh at people's "Sask-cents" when they talk.

    - Meghan

    PS. I got your postcard!! Sorry, had been meaning to email and let you know. Thank you so much!

  3. OK, it's settled. The new nickname is "Saskastan". Thank you very much.

  4. Saskatchestan...? again... a commonly used nickname to refer to all of Saskatchewan.

    How about "The 'Toon"?

  5. Geez, you guys are just as bad as Minneapolis with all of this. I can't use the first syllable for anything. But I don't want to use the last syllable either. So how about "The A"?


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