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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Return of the Store! And Pre-Holiday Super Sale!

Hello, friends! Yep, after "closing shop" for the duration of the Cross-Con Tour, I've finally reopened the "Store" on this here website. This time I've managed to create an online shopping cart, meaning it's now easier than ever to purchase items. Just click away and pay by credit card or Paypal at checkout. And if you are old-fashioned, you can still send a cash, check,* or money order to my P.O. Box.

And why am I putting such an emphasis on the Store? Well, because I'm broke. 
We whittled away the savings on tour, so until I get a job (and I'm looking!) any little bit helps. So if ya feel inclined to help out the Urban Adventure League, now's a good time, and buying stuff is a good way.

And I'm making it as appealing as possible with the Sale going on. Until December 1st, you can buy my posters for only $8 each, postcards and buttons for $1 each, and zines from $1-3. Great gifts! Or if you just want to support the Urban Adventure League without buying anything, feel free to donate via the Paypal link on the right (or you can always send a check to the P.O. Box.) 

Yeah, this will be the last time I pull this Public Radio Pledge Drive for a while, and no, I don't have any tote bags. But maybe I should?

*Personal checks for orders of $10 or more