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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Nice Night For A Ride

Hello, readers, all six of you!

I've been meaning to post more frequently, as I do have a lot of things I'd like to talk about. But I haven't managed to finish these missives I have waiting for you. Seriously, I have two in draft right now (including my Randonneuring adventure last Saturday) plus a few more in the works. I need to finish those posts!ter 

But tonight was a good night. After two meetings, one with Ed to talk about some design stuff, I found myself at the TED Talks parody CHAD Chats at the Saratoga Room on N. Interstate. After the event, I rode back to SE with Caroline and Heather Williams. It was a great night for riding--clear and dry, moon just past full, temperature around 45F/7C, brisk but not frigid. The weather has been good the past few weeks, the only rainy day was of course Saturday, when I rode 100 kilometres. The weekend looks like rain (all the better to check out the Showers Pass warehouse sale on Saturday.) It's no secret that during the "winteresque" months here (November to March) the wet days outnumber the not-wet days, so it's a great experience being able to have a nice little night ride with friends without rain gear. Wet days can be a drag, but when we get the dry days they are truly special.

Check back in soon, I shall have some new stuff up. I promise!

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