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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

New Zinester's Guide is here!

I alluded to it in an earlier post, but the 5th Edition of the Zinester's Guide to Portland has just been released! Edited and mostly written by myself and published by Microcosm Publishing, this handy 128 page guide details tons of low-to-no budget and interesting things to do and see in the Rose City. It's a great resource for those of you who might want to travel to Portland at some point, or live already in Stumptown and need something to give your out-of-town guests.

While the super sale is going on (until December 15th), (until January 3rd, 2012!) the 5th Edition will be only $4.00 POSTPAID for delivery in the U.S.! 

And since I still have a few, I'm selling the older 4th Edition for only $2.00 while it lasts!

You can check these cool items plus many more over at my "Store".


  1. will this be on sale at the microcosm store as well? i live here so i do not want to pay shipping.

  2. Jazmyn-
    Like anything published by Microcosm, it is indeed available at the store or on the website. Though there are two things to note:
    1) The $4 price I am offering is POST-PAID, meaning shipping is included.
    2) The price at the Microcosm store may be higher than what I'm giving in the special offer.
    Please note the special price is good until January 3rd.


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