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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Other People's Festivly Decorated Bikes

It was a beautifully sunny day in Portland Friday December 9th. The mercury reached 47F (8C), so it was a beautiful day to cruise around on the Raleigh. In my crusings through North Portland, I spotted this greatly decorated bike locked to a porch railing:

It appears to be a well-worn Schwinn Wasp. A classic mid-century American balloon tire or "Cruiser" bike. Ah, Cruiser. Such a misused term. 80% of the listings using the term "cruiser" on Portland Craigslist are not actually cruisers. But I digress.

It's hard to tell in the daylight, but along the rims are tiny LED lights.

I wanted to go back later in the evening to check out the bike, but the temperature had already plummeted, and with the descending fog there was risk of black ice. It will have to wait for another night.


  1. Interesting that the chainring and rear cog have teeth for every second chain link, first time I've seen that (not that I've seen many old bikes, around here they are mostly all buried in the dump).

  2. It's called a "skip tooth" chainring. It was semi-common in that era with that type of bike. I've also seen it on a '70's Huffy 10-Speed, though I think in their case they were doing it to be cheap.


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