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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ask a Civilised Cyclist: Shellac, 26 Jan 2012

Yep, more comix!
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  1. hehe, love this one. I have shellaced bar tape on my own rando bike

    It really is super durable, and I love the fact that you can reshellac it if it gets scratched

  2. I like that tape, Smut Pedaller! Did you know that there's a few flickr pools for that "harlequin" style of bar tape?

    Now that I've done the taping/shellacking of the Rudge, I've become quite enamored of the "grip-tape" look. I'm thinking about doing that on the Raleigh now!

  3. I want to give the shellac a try myself. For the twine part, if you check out a decent knot tying book (or the internet), you should find lots of nifty wrapping knots called "whipping knots". Some of them pretty cool looking.


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