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Monday, January 23, 2012

First Three Speed Ride 2012! Sunday February 26!

Yes, friends! Last year's ride was a lot of fun, and I knew there would be another one! So I've decided to schedule one for Sunday, February 26!

Details, of course!
Sunday February 26 2012
departs from Ladd Circle, 1600 SE Harrison St
A ride celebrating the humble internally geared three speed bicycle. Once the ultimate in human-powered transportation, the three speed bicycle has been sidelined in recent years. Now let's give it a spotlight! Bring your trusty three speed or other internal hub gear bicycle. (If you don't have one, it doesn't matter, just come! But if you had the choice between a high-performance crabon fibre racer and an old beater, bring the beater.) Casual paced ramble of approx. 10 miles, mostly flat with a hill or two. (No shame in walking it!) Bring-your-own tea and snack stop at a park en route.

And this year we'll be seeing more than one ride. I plan on doing a whole series of them! There will be three different types:

  • Casual Day Ride. (easy) A ramble through the neighborhoods of Portland. The pace will be easy and casual, ride distance 10 to 15 miles (15 to 25 km). Plenty of stops, including a picnic-style tea (or warm beverage of your choice) and snacks (maybe crumpets?) stop in a park, and ending at an indoor place where one can get food/drink. Note: you are responsible for food and drink. You can bring the beverage in either a thermos or brew the tea in the park with a camping stove. This ride (the Sunday 26 February ride) falls into this category. 
  • Day Tour. (moderate) A longer exploration of Portland on three speeds. While the pace will still be easy and casual, and there will be a tea break, the distance will be longer, 30-40 miles (50-65km) and there may be a few hills. 
  • Overnight Adventure. (somewhat of a challenge) Let's really go somewhere with our three speeds! People toured on them "back in the day", so why not us? The distance will range somewhere 20-40 miles one way. We may go to State Parks with cabins (like Stub Stewart or Battleground Lake), which means we would only need to take bedding, food, clothing, cooking equipment, and other sundries. Or we may also camp in one of the numerous campgrounds in the area.
All the questions you have (and more) about the three speed ride can be answered over on the Three Speed Ride page.

And for last year's ride, read the report here. See photos here.

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