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Friday, February 24, 2012

Bike Touring Electronics (1970s-2010s), 16 Feb 2012

Click to embiggen.
Did I forget anything?


  1. A rear blinkie with more computing power than the Apollo command module.

    1. Yeah,LOL,really! :p

      The Disabled Cyclist

  2. Electronic shifters/derailleurs...all the cool kids have them!

  3. Thanks everyone for the responses.

    But I should clarify this: what I am talking about/looking for is specifically bike touring electronics. While dynamos, blinkies, and "electronic shifters" are bicycle electronics, they're not specifically for touring, though people who tour might use them.

    I'm not looking for electronics that would be considered an accessory to the bike, or there to enhance the bicycle's performance. I'm thinking about stuff people would bring for a tour that they wouldn't typically bring on a "bike ride." In the 1970s that meant usually a radio and a flashlight. In this current modern era this means lots and lots of electronic gadgets which may or may not be even useful for the ride itself. Now looking at the teens list, things like a GPS and iPhone are definitely used by someone just on a bike ride, but oh well.

    Hope I've clarified things a bit.

  4. I wrote about this topic, and referenced this post, on my blog:

    I love your cartoon, though!


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