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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The End of Letter Writing Month: A Review, of Sorts

It almost seems like a lifetime ago, but some of you may recall my venting about the woes of the United States Mail at the onset of February. Then, nary a day later, you may also recall me talking about Letter Writing Month. The idea was that I would write at least 24 letters or postcards during the month, one for each day the United States Postal Service delivers mail. I would also respond in kind to anyone who sent me something via post.

Well, it's leap day, so the end of Letter Writing Month. How did I do?

Not so good.

The bad: I did not write for twenty-four days. Maybe a little over a week's progress, tops. Yes, I had the ambition to see it through. But then I got distracted by so many art assignments I didn't get around to writing.

The good: Anyone who has written to me during the month, or gave me their address so I could write them, has received something (or will receive something if they already haven't.) I made good on my word for that.

And I did receive some interesting stuff in my P. O. Box this month! For example, possibly the most "interesting thing" I got was from Amanda of the Knit Cycle:

Yes, it is a cork from a wine bottle. Dressed up with some yarn. A little cork "man"!
He's been keeping my Kaito KA1102 AM/FM/Shortwave radio company.

I bought this radio second-hand from these people.* Haven't been able to work the Shortwave for shit though, which is a shame. Wouldn't mind listening to some CBC if possible.

I also got some nice zine action from north of the border:
U.S.A. indeed!

More about them soon.

And a letter written on some lourvely Japanese stationery, with this guy on it:

And this mystery postcard. I say "mystery" because although it was signed, there is no return address, so I can't respond. (Hey Scott, if you want a postal response, let me know what your address is!)

Nice postcard, eh! I like that it was drawn well. I've seen way too many badly drawn bikes out there. However, please note the descriptive text on the back:

Now if you can't figure out what's peculiar about this text, let's look at the front again:
Yes, that is a "mountain scene". But a "mountain bike"? Yes, I realize that a few mountain bikes have drop bars, but I highly doubt that is actually a mountain bike. (Caliper brakes?) Then again, those spokes are pretty beefy.

Though I actually got these before Letter Writing Month, I should also share what I received in January from Dan of DITIBIWEBISHKIGAN Bicycle:

A set of Panaracer Pasela tires! I'll be putting these on the Long Haul Trucker at some point in the future. Thanks, Dan!

Even though Letter Writing Month is officially over, it doesn't mean that letter writing has to be over! Throughout the month of March, if you let me know your mailing address, whether in the comments below or via email at, I will write you! (You do have to write back, however.) And into the indefinite future, if you write me by post, I will definitely write you back! If'n you forgot that address, here it is:

P O BOX 14185
PORTLAND OR 97293-0185

*Along with our current tent!

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