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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Nose to Grindstone, Bird to Groundhog

The Rudge reposes on Mount Tabor, Sunday 5 February 2012
Hello friends! I have taken a wee bit of time away from the blog over the last few days due to other areas of my life. As I've mentioned before, I have a pretty big art project that I've been working on and need to finish this week. Somehow despite my best intentions I'm a person that works best with a deadline, and also work close to deadlines. So I've blocked away quite a bit of time to wrap this up, because I feel guilty doing "other things" when something else needs to be done. Of course, even with this deadline looming overhead I have been procrastinating and goofing off. So while theoretically I have the time to sneak in a blog post or two, I have not. And this will probably be the way things look this week. I expect by weekend I'll be posting again! 'bout that weather! It's been a dry and mild January leading into a dry and mild February. The high temperature has consistently hovered at or around 50F/10C. It's been sunny more than it has not. It rained maybe a day last week, and looks to be the same for this week. So of course because of this nice weather I've been frustrated that I haven't gone on a good ride due to that looming project. Urgh. I have snuck in a couple shorter ones, like one up Mt. Tabor. (I love that a quick jaunt up there is easy!) I can at least console myself because it's February that more good weather is on the way.

I've also noticed because winter is more than half over and we've had a lot of good weather days that my internal wardrobe adviser has been telling me to go with less/lighter clothes. The urge to wear scarves, so strong in November, has passed.* And while I haven't gone for full shorts yet,** I have been wearing shorter-than-normal socks for February. I always find this change funny, because the temperature is about the same as it was in late October, when I bundled up as much as I could. Of course, wearing "spring" clothing in February is like spitting in the faces of the Weather Gods, and I worry that the retribution will be a freak March snowstorm. Well, I'll deal with that one when it happens!

*This doesn't mean you are off the hook on that scarf, April. ;-)
**Yes, I wear shorts sometimes. Deal with it.***
***Isn't the term "full shorts" contradictory?

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