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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Cycle Wild Camping on Memorial Day Weekend: We need a show of hands

Photo: Wikipedia user Postdlf
This is a "for Portland peeps" specific post. Out of towners can skip over this post.

Hello friends! You are probably aware that I am on the board of local bike-camping non-profit Cycle Wild. You might also be aware that Cycle Wild's Memorial Day camping trip this year is to Silver Falls State Park!

Memorial Day weekend this year is Sat May 26 to Mon May 28. This will be the FIRST TIME that Cycle Wild has gone to this awesome and beautiful park. One of the reasons we've never gone in the past is the difficulty of securing camping spots: there is no designated hiker/ biker sites and the park is VERY popular. It would be hard to get camping sites here if we just showed up.

So we'll need to reserve sites far in advance. Basically, right about now. And to make sure we get the appropriate amount of sites, we'd like to know: are you going? You don't have to commit at this moment, but we'd like to get a head count.

A few things to note:

  • The details of the ride are not finalized yet, but it's approximately 70 miles one-way. Most of the ride is on flattish land on low-mod traffic roads, however the last 15 miles or so sees significant elevation gain on a narrow, windy, and steep road. So the ride itself is in the moderate to challenging category. 
  • We would ride out Saturday, take the day off at the park Sunday, and ride back Monday. This will give everyone ample time to hike around and see all the waterfalls! 

Are you interested in coming? Please leave a comment below or email me to express interest. Remember, we're just getting an estimate now. When we finalize things, we'll let everyone know.

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