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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ten Things to (Not) Bring on a Bike Tour

Hello friends! I'm not usually one to "re-blog" someone else's blog post, but this one is just too clever. And it doesn't hurt that I agree with it! Check out this blog post on the Adventure Cycling blog about ten things you think you need on tour, but don't. The guest post was done by the folks over at America ByCycle.

They have also posted another post, Ten Things You Absolutely Need for a Long Distance Bike Tour.


  1. WOW! Great article! I loved reading this! This puts my mind as ease about a lot of concerns I had.

  2. I also read this when they posted and totally agreed with almost all their points. Number 9 A Solar Charger, not so much. Not that the solar part is so important what the real issue is is the the underlying technology. What you really should forgo is that that tech, or do as Paul Thoreaux recommends in his rules for travelers - bring a cell phone but don't use it.

    That being said I myself have toured with the iPhone since the first iPhone came out and definitely appreciated. So one tour I had a charging system (hub generator based) but it was sort of a hassle (the first non-homebrewed system - there are a lot more options now) and I tended to plug it in when I could. So I decided for the next tour to just do that. Since I was blogging the tour I felt like I was such a slave to looking for power and waiting around when it charged. Sometimes that's great - in the bar or having breakfast or what have you, but at other times it crimped my style and I felt more like I was touring for power than for the other things.

    So in my mind if you are going to bring electronics, setting yourself up so that you can recharge without spending all your time doing so isn't a bad idea.


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