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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where in the US 26/Mt. Hood National Forest corridor should Cycle Wild camp in September?

Yes, yes, the September "Mt. Hood-US 26" corridor trip is still two months away (Sept 21-22), but Cycle Wild is now thinking about the logistics. But where to camp? Cycle Wild has a few choices to pick from

The first one is Tollgate Campground.   This campground is on US 26, just east of Rhododendron, about a 30 mile ride from Gresham. It will still be open in late September. It has running water and toilets, and a reserveable group site. This campground was built by the CCC during the Depression, so it has that vintage rustic feel. The main negative of Tollgate is it is RIGHT OFF of 26, meaning traffic noise would be present. 

The other option would be Lost Creek off of Lolo Pass Road.  This campground will be more secluded than Tollgate. The big issue with this campground is that by late September there are no services. The plus side of this is it will be quiet and free. The negatives are no water, no garbage, and no bathrooms.

No matter which one Cycle Wild chooses, it would mean some riding on busy US 26 and climbing. There are ways of avoiding much of 26 but it requires A LOT of climbing.

What's your thoughts? Which would you prefer? Or does it matter to you? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Admittedly, they all sound pleasant including the alternative with climbing. Free and quiet sounds nice to me, although I enjoy CCC-era craftsmanship.

    Is all bike riding in Oregon this perfect?


    1. Ha! Nicholas, unfortunately all is not great. US 26 to these campgrounds is not really pleasant: four lanes with traffic. Thankfully there is wide shoulders. 101 on the Coast is not a picnic either.


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