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Saturday, August 11, 2012


So there's some good news 'round the Urban Adventure League HQ. I've found myself gainfully employed, sort of.

Remember the HI-Portland Hawthorne Hostel, the place I worked at for over five years before we departed for our Cross-Con tour? I'm back. Mostly.

Alright, enough obtuseness.  I have been "on the payroll" of the hostel ever since I got back into town, as an "on call" person. But it was never any substantial source of hours. Until now. The hostel needs me back for a bit, at least until the end of the year. And I'm happy. Not just because of the promise of a steady flow of cash after a year of not having a real job. But I actually do miss the place.

Right before I left town last May I was definitely getting crunchy* from working at the hostel. While working in a hostel is cool and has its perks, at the end of the day it still is customer service. And a different intensity of customer service than working in a store. So it was a relief to take off. But after a year of not really working at the hostel, my batteries have been recharged.

And of course the most fun thing of working at the hostel is interacting with bike tourers. Since it's summer, I've seen quite a few since I've been back, at least one a day.

Now a bit of a weight has been lifted. It was hard to truly enjoy "funemployment" without a source of income. It was hard to plan trips without stressing out about money. Now I won't have to worry about money so much, at least until next year.

And now that I have a "schedule" and a source of income, I can do what I love. Bike tour.

*No, I am not making a joke about the stereotype of a hosteller. Wait, am I?

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