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Friday, September 07, 2012

Unofficial Cycle Wild Mid-Week Camping: Metzler Park, Wed 12 Sept-Thurs 13 Sept

 Announcing yet another unofficial Cycle Wild mid-week camping trip!

Why "midweek"?
  • Fewer people camping, don't have to worry about full and crowded campgrounds
  • Not everyone has a 9-5 Monday-Friday schedule
  • Some people are unemployed, self-employed, or have flexible schedules
Why September?
  • The weather is still good!
  • For most people, summer ends at Labor Day, so the campgrounds that are still open will be less crowded fer shure!
Where are we going? Metzler Park, a park in Clackamas County about five miles outside of Estacada. Clackamas County maintains three campgrounds with a season spanning May-October. This will be the first time we've gone to any of them! Camping spots are $21 a night, plus $6 per "half-box" of firewood. We'll divvy up camping spots/firewood appropriately.  

When? Wednesday, September 12. We'll meet at Gresham Central MAX Station in Gresham at 11:30am and roll around 12 noon. (Please note: this is NOT the end of the MAX line, but the stop before it.) Last Blue Line MAX to reach there in time departs from Rose Qtr at 11:21 am. I realize this event is more geared towards those who have the day off. If you feel like coming after work, you can probably still make it, though please note that sunset on September 12 is 7:24 pm. Feel free to leave a comment here or email me at urbanadventureleague ( at ) gmail ( dawt ) com 
What's the ride like? It's about 26 miles in length on low-moderate traffic roads, plus a stint on the Springwater Corridor trail. Expect some climbing on the second half on the trip, highest elevation will be 1,100 feet near the park entrance. There is a steep hill (6%) right near the entrance to the park, though, as the park sits in a small canyon. It'll be fun going in, but coming back...  

What do I need to bring? Everything you need to be comfortable for one night of camping by bike. This can and will include: sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent/shelter of some sort, food, extra clothing, and camping kitchen/stove if need be. We will NOT be passing through Estacada, so there will be no true grocery store stop on this ride. There will be a couple mini-marts, plus a quick stop at Lillian's Natural Foods in Gresham near the start. Be prepared!  

When will we return home? This depends on the wants and needs of the group. If you need to get back to town early you may have to leave on your own. Otherwise I intend to get back near the Gresham Central MAX Station in the afternoon.  

Other Important Things To Note:
  • This is NOT an "official" Cycle Wild trip, rather, an "extra-curricular" trip I am leading. Please note that I/we have never been to this campground before so we don't really know what it's like. It's an exploratory mission to see if this will be suitable for official Cycle Wild trips in the future.
  • I/We have not ridden the entire route before. I'm trying to pick out as low of a traffic route as possible, but I can't guarantee anything.
  • Clear Creek runs right by the campground. I've heard rumors of swimming holes, but don't see anything regarding official swimming. Bring swimwear if that's your thing. Can't guarantee what the water is going to be like.
  • This trip is not an easy trip, so may not be good for beginners. While it's not a long trip (26 miles), there is some climbing, plus riding on narrow county roads that may have faster traffic. We won't leave anyone behind, though, if you decide to come along.
Alright! The details in brief:
Wednesday September 12, 11:30am
meet at Gresham Central MAX Station, NE Hood Ave at NE 8th St, Gresham
will return to Portland early PM on Thursday depending on group wants/needs

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