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Saturday, November 17, 2012

I want to ride my bicycle...

A wet day in Portland.
It's the perfect storm of non-action. I want to get a "good" ride in, but everything's conspiring against me.

November is here, and winter is either here or on its way, depending on how you look at it. More rainy or cloudy days than sun, high temperatures somewhere between 45 and 55 F (7-13C). We haven't hit freezing (though we've come close a couple nights) so no frost. And no snow, of course. We ain't Edmonton.
For reference: Edmonton, just the other day. Photo: tuckamoredew

And the days are short too, so there's not a heck of a lot of daylight after I get out of work (when I work the am shift.) So if I want to ride, I better get used to riding at night.

And the biggest roadblock is looming deadlines. I have Bikecraft to get ready for on December 1-2, and my art show at Bikeasaurus on December 7. Am I ready? Ha! I'm far from that. So when I have free time, I optimistically put it aside for "getting art done". Do I get art done? Ha! I procrastinate more than anything else. I'm sure as the clock ticks on, I'll be pushed into action. But really, what this deadline biz does is I avoid  spending time on such frivolities as "a nice bike ride" because I should be spending my time "doing other stuff." And then I don't do "other stuff".

Of course, with the mental state I'm in, I should go on a ride. Maybe that's one reason why I rode the Verboort Populaire a few weeks back, even though I "should" have been drawing. I knew I needed that ride. And it's also why I took a nice little ride last Saturday. Yes, it was under the excuse of "running errands" as I had errands to run. But I'm sure if I really wanted to, I could have pushed those to another time. In my head, I knew I needed it, I just had to find the right justification.

A fun ride will have to wait for another day. Hopefully after all my obligations are taken care of.


  1. I feel ya,Shawn,believe me,sigh. Especially the parts about not riding because you're supposed to be doing other stuff but you ain't doing the other stuff either,LOL! We've had a string of nice days one could enjoy a good ride in,upper 50's-lower 60's and sunny by early afternoon (frost and 20's at sun-up),but for the life of me I can't seem to get motorvated (yes I spelt that right :p ) to actually get out and ride,meanwhile the dishes and dirty laundry are piling up because the body at rest is tending to prove that bit of's wishing you an awesome weekend,my friend,and both of us a good ride soon :)

    The DC

  2. That bridge in the last picture looks great. What's it called?

    What does it cross?


    1. It's the Buxton Trestle on the Banks-Vernonia Trail.

  3. A lot of that pretty snow has been replaced with not so fun ice.


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