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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Battle Ground Lake cabins, Part 2

Cabin 15.
When we last left you humble, faithful readers of this here blog on Saturday, April and I were heading off to the cabins at Battle Ground Lake State Park. This was a Cycle Wild trip that I was leading. I led two Cycle Wild trips to Battle Ground Lake last year, once in February (cabins), and once in August (tents.) I don't really feel like repeating myself on the basics of going to Battle Ground since the last two accounts go into good detail, so you should read those first in case you haven't yet already.
The view from our cabin.

Anyways, on to the differences with this trip. This time we rented all four cabins at Battle Ground Lake, meaning a total of twenty people could fit. And we had twenty, plus two extra who braved the cold temps (highs in the mid-40s F or 7C, low around freezing. Compare this temp to our August trip, when the high was 102F/39C.) We met at Cascades MAX station by the airport and departed around 10:45 AM on Saturday morning.
The group waits for the flat to be fixed.

No major issues on the 25 mile (40 km) ride to the park, beside a flat on the I-205 bridge. But with 22 riders, the odds are good that someone would get a flat. We had a supermarket and lunch stop around noon, and reached the campground around 3 pm. Everyone settled into their cabins, board games got pulled out, firewood stacked for the evening blaze. Most everyone took a good walk around the lake, as did April and myself. We managed to spot an otter in the water, and a bald eagle attempting to fish. (Even though I did bring binoculars, I forgot them back in the cabin.) During the dark hours, folks alternated between playing games in the cabins or hanging out by the fire.
Lunch and beer on Sunday.

Morning came, and people slowly awoke. Food got made and things packed up. We departed around noon, and most of us took lunch at Laurelwood Brewery in Battle Ground. Most of the group got back to the Cascades MAX station around 4 pm and went their separate ways home.


  1. Overall, it sounds like a good time was has by all.

    I see that some knitting was also accomplished. Who is the


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