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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blog Post Revisited: Parrots, Peacocks, and now Pheasants

Golden pheasant.
Hello friends, welcome to the semi-regular series "Let's revisit old blog posts", where we revisit old blog posts!

Today we'll revisit one of the most popular posts I have ever written, Of Parrots and Peacocks, which was written in this blog's infancy (2005!) For most of the existence of this blog it was the most popular post, until it got usurped by posts about bikes and camping gear. (Currently the post about the Esbit coffee maker is number one.) I haven't seen a peacock in many a year, but people are apparently still seeing them in Portland, as indicated by the comments. (Apparently the area from Sellwood to Woodstock including both "Morelands" is the hive of activity.)

But this past week, Nathan Gilles over at the Portland Mercury has spotted another "invasive exotic", this one a golden pheasant. Read about his account with the bird (and a cat) over here.

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