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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! The excitement builds as the clock ticks 'way. It's only three short days until the first Three Speed Ride of 2013 in Portland, and the inaugural ride of Society of Three Speeds! Here's some final info for you and yours:
  • I've been hoping and hoping that we will get nice weather on Sunday. Right now the forecast is not so great, calling for a chance of showers, and a high of 51F/11C. I'm really hoping that any precipitation holds off. Please remember that the ride is RAIN OR SHINE. Unfortunately there is no covered shelter at Kenilworth Park, our meeting spot. If things look particularly bad, we may decide to start from the Open Space Cafe, 2815 SE Holgate, about four blocks down the hill from the park. We'll post an update if we do, but Open Space would still be a good space to get some brekkie or a cuppa before the ride. In any case, please remember to bring raingear!
  • As stated previously, anyone who attends this ride automatically becomes a member of Society of Three Speeds for free! Because of weather and also because I want to make sure you actually ride the ride, I won't issue memberships and membership kits until some point later in the ride.
  • I will also have some other items for sale at the ride, including the handsome screenprinted posters of the first Three Speed Ride in 2011. I will be offering them to participants for the discounted price of $5 each. If you are interested, please email me in advance to request one. Posters take up a lot of room, and I'm not going to bring too many with me unless there is demand.
  • The full ride will be under twelve miles. There will be some "rough stuff", i.e. unpaved paths. There will also be a couple hills, nothing super major, but some folks might want to walk them. You have been warned.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you at 11am, Sunday March 3rd, at Kenilworth Park, SE Holgate Blvd at 32nd Ave, Portland, Oregon!


  1. Replies
    1. Yep. Soon you can get your very own copies of that sticker, which will be included with membership to Society of Three Speeds. Info to come.

  2. If only I could make it to Portland. I would like still want to join.


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