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Monday, March 25, 2013

Off to Ainsworth for a Bike Overnight.

I've got two days off, no obligations, and my sickness has mostly passed. The weather is great, mostly sunny, 62F/17C, though there is a chance of sprinkles tomorrow. What better day to have our first bike camping overnight of 2013?

We loaded up the bikes with gear, and got used to the weird handling as we rode to the MAX station. Now we're on an eastbound train to Gresham. When we get off, we'll ride 25 miles east to Ainsworth State Park in the Columbia Gorge to camp.

It's going to be fun.


  1. That looks like so much fun! I'm planning a bike camping trip for (hopefully) sometime this summer. But the place I want to go is a mountainous 49 miles to get there. So we'll see. I rode over half way there and back last weekend, 54 miles total, and felt like I might die by time I made it home. So we'll see. Hope you guys have fun! :)

    1. Thanks, Amy! A full report of our trip will be coming. As for yourself, is there anywhere closer that you might want to try first?

    2. There is! I was looking at the maps along that same route and found another park that offers camping. It's only about 22 miles one way so I may shoot to try that first. But honestly, if I were going 49 miles to my first choice in destinations, staying overnight or the whole weekend and the riding back, that shouldn't be too bad. Especially if I take my time and remember to EAT and DRINK WATER, like I'm very bad at remembering to do... ;)


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