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Friday, March 01, 2013

The Urban Adventure League (and Society of Three Speeds) gets some internet attention!

Hello there, regular readers! And hello there, estimated two hundred or so people who checked into the blog over the past day or so, due to the link the Path Less Pedaled folks provided to my entry about Rough Stuff. Glad you are here! Feel free to peruse 'round these parts, hopefully you'll find something of interest!

And here is an item of interest:
In my daily scouring of Portland's bike section on Craigslist, I noticed this ad that is using the upcoming Three Speed Ride (plus the Tweed Ride) as a selling point!
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Very pretty vintage Dayton "Superb" three speed cruiser made in England probably in the late 50's or early 60's. 53 cm step through frame. Paint has some scratches. The dyno hub and lights are likely original. They do not work right now, I have not ventured to replace the bulbs so their status is still unknown. Either way, they look cool so I have left them as is. The cottered cranks have new pins and the bottom bracket has been overhauled (big plus!). The Sturmey-Archer hub gets all three speeds and the shifter cable is new. Rides smooth! 3 speed ride is March 3rd and the Tweed ride is early April. BE READY!!! 100$

Well, it does look like a lovely specimen, especially since it appears to have an original dynamo headlamp PLUS Dynohub! Wonder if it actually works.


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