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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Three Speed Ride: Sunday 5 May

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! It is time to announce the next installment of the Three Speed Ride series. Please join us if you can. All bicycles welcome!

Here are the details:
Sunday 5 May 2013
Meet at Ladd's Circle, Portland (SE 16th Ave and SE Harrison St)

A ride celebrating the humble internally geared three speed bicycle! Bring your trusty three speed or other internal hub gear bicycle. (If you don't have one, it doesn't matter, just come! But if you had the choice between a high-performance crabon fibre racer and an old beater, bring the beater.)

Casual paced ramble of up to 10 miles, mostly flat. Picnic and tea spot at/near end, bring hot tea or a way to make tea. Emphasis on making tea. We'll be stopping by a market for supplies before the picnic stop.

This ride will be a bit shorter than the March ride, and less emphasis on "rough stuff" and more emphasis on a leisurely spring cruise. And like last time, we will definitely be ending somewhere to enjoy adult beverages.


  1. Sunday May 5th I'd SO much rather be there than where I will be (in court showing my handicap placard and time/date stamped digital pic that it was indeed hanging from the rearveiw when the cop ticketed my van for "Illegally parking in a handicapped spot",remembering why cars-r-coffins and fighting to keep the illegal ticket off my record,or at least out of my bank account....rolling eyes)

    The DC

  2. This poster is beautiful! Nicely done.

  3. Can't wait! Thanks so much for putting these rides together.


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