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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not dead yet.

Another June winds down in the same way that many Junes have wound down for me in the past few years. June is Pedalpalooza month here in Portland, or more specifically, three and a half weeks of various bike fun events in and around town. (At last count, 282 events.) Every year before the fest I promise myself that I'm going to "limit" the amount of rides I lead. And every year, I break that promise. I led or co-led six rides. While this means plenty of material for this blog, the problem remains: It's hard to take the time to write when you're so damn busy. If I wasn't leading a ride, I was planning another one. If not that, I'm working. If not that, I'm busy procrastinating about illustration jobs. And even though my Pedalpalooza commitment is over, I'm now in the midst of planning a full-on bike tour that is barely a week away. (Yeeps!) So, you get the point.

But yes, I am still here. I know there has been an epidemic of "last blog posts" lately, I don't plan on ending this anytime soon. Ok, well, I'll probably end the blogger version of this blog sometime this summer, as blogger isn't doing much for me anymore and I'd rather use wordpress. But there will be some bloggy version of my exploits. I promise!

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