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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Coffeeneuring Report, Week 3: 22 Oct 2013 (and Sunrise Coffee Club, too!)

Heya all, back with another one of these Coffeeneuring type reports. Yes, it’s another “coffee shop without walls” entry, but this one has yet another added twist, as it is not only a Coffeeneuring ride, but a Sunrise Coffee Club ride!

What the heck is that, you may ask? Well, it’s a new “club” devised by our own Christopher Chen. The premise is simple: ride somewhere to watch the sun rise, make coffee at destination. He’s been doing them for a few weeks, but Sunrise Ride #4 was the first one I managed to make.*

On Tuesday October 22 I awoke about 6 am, packed my stuff, and rode a couple miles down to Salmon Street Springs on the SW waterfront at Waterfront Park. At 6:45 Chris met those assembled which included myself, Zack, and a few other cats whose names I have already forgot. 

From there we hustled through the thick of the early-morn commute and up SW Terwilliger. The destination was the parklet on Terwilliger at SW Hamilton. On the way up this east view was awe-inspiring.

At the parklet, Andy and Kelley had already arrived. I got to work setting up “the kit”. Because I am just like that, I decided to use an even different setup than the previous two Coffeeneuring rides. I brought my “big” Trangia kit, the 27. This is one of the two “stormcooker” sets Trangia provides. And it does live up to that name, as I used it on windy nights in the Gorge on my May tour. The 27 kit has two pots and a frying pan, but since I am just like that I got the additional kettle. (Did I mention it all nests together like one of those Russian dolls?)

To make coffee, I pulled out my travel French Press, a GSI number one can purchase at the REI-type stores of the world.

As for coffee, I had some Trader Joes “Joe” beans that I ground with the Hario Slim Mill. (Yes, I frequently buy my coffee at Trader Joes.) The coffee was served with some sugar and cream.

After I boiled the water, I put the Trangia to work, making an egg, veggie sausage, green bell pepper, onion, and cheddar scramble. Yes, the Trangia works well for this. Yes, it was delicious.

The sun rose at 7:37 am. We were ready. My Crested Butte was ready.

After the coffee was consumed, we all went our separate ways, knowing we’d back at sunrise some future date.

Miles ridden: 2.7
Bike taken: 1984 Raleigh USA Crested Butte
Coffee: Trader Joes “Joe Dark Roast”
Coffee prepared via: French Press

*This is Coffeeneuring Ride #3 for those counting.


  1. There is at least one good thing about the changing of seasons: later sunrises.


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