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Saturday, June 18, 2005

UPCOMING ADVENTURE Atomic War Preparedness Ride Thursday 23 June 2005

meet on Eastbank Esplanade by Hawthorne Bridge
In front of the Firehouse

It's the year 1958 again! Slow-moving Russian bombers have been detected over Alaska, and they'll be over Portland in three hours. Now is the time for an orderly evacuation by bicycle, the most efficient exit device, from downtown to the RELATIVE SAFETY of East Portland. This ride will be a lesson in history as we'll revisit Portland's early Cold War civil defense strategies.

A movie screening of old Civil Defense propaganda plus "The Day Called X", a nuclear war TV drama set in Portland will follow shortly after the ride.

If you come, please dress up in your best 1950's, atomic war readiness, or post-holocaust togs.

This ride came about because I saw the aforementioned "X" movie, and it got me interested in the Rose City's cold war Civil Defense history. I found out that 1)the city had an evacuation plan called "Operation Green Light" where at the flick of the switch downtown's traffic signals would direct evacuees away from the central city 2)the city built a bunker for the government to retreat to when the bombs drop! You'll learn more about this if you come along for the ride!


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