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Saturday, June 18, 2005

UPCOMING ADVENTURE: Eastside Theater Tour Bicycle Tour Wednesday 22 June

Meet at Ladd's Circle
SE 16th and Harrison

Portland has so many great, old theaters! For some reason, this city still has a number of cinemas and vaudeville houses from the 'classic era'--1910's to 30's--still standing, some of which still are active theaters today. This bicycle ride will explore various neighborhood theaters on the east side of the Willamette--some still standing, some only a memory. The entire ride will cover approximately 6 miles in about 3+ hours of time.

After the full ride, we hope to take in a movie at one of Portland's classic movie palaces; bring appropriate cash if you would like to join us! There are many options for this evening, of note is a screening of BATMAN BEGINS at the Roseway (NE 72/Sandy/Fremont). The showing is at 8.15pm, so we'd have to hustle to get there! If you'd like to see a blockbuster movie at an indepedently owned classic cinema (versus "Regal Cinemas" and their horrendous "Twenty"), here's your chance.

Oh yeah, I'd like to do a ride to Rocky Butte (and subsequent ButteBomb) afterwards. Hope to see you on Wednesday!

SPECIAL NOTE: Since we intend to see a movie after the ride, this ride will be in "hustle mode". Be at Ladd's Circle as close to 6pm as possible. If you miss the start of the ride, the FIRST STOP is the Clinton Street Theater (SE 26th/Clinton), SECOND STOP is the Bagdad Theater (SE 37th/Hawthorne)


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