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Thursday, November 03, 2005

A sad update to the SF Parrot Story.

This one relayed to us by San Francisco Urban Adventure Correspondent Jay Pinka:
"The wild parrots of San Francisco's Telegraph Hill,
those colorful birds made famous by a book and movie,
may be evicted from towering trees where they like to
spend their days, proving that in the cutthroat Bay
Area real estate market, even feathered celebrities
have it tough." --San Francisco Chronicle, Tues 1 Nov 2005

Here are links to the stories:
Woodman, spare those parrot perches - Writer puts his body on the line at base of Telegraph Hill trees
Famous Parrots Face Eviction in Calif.
SAN FRANCISCO - Parrots have flown the coop - After cypress felled, colorful birds are roosting on wires

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